I found something in Hunting Unlimited 2010 you might be interested in.

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Re: I found something in Hunting Unlimited 2010 you might be interested in.

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Yes, I played all the Hunting Unlimited games, form 1 to 10. This is the best franchise out there. I like games that are engaging yet simple, and not too complicated to play. SCS Software gave us a very rare and unique game series. I hunted the games as they were intended to be as the basic straight forward games they were is what made them so enjoyable and liked by so many people. I remember Ita, introducing all those mods, yet I was not tempted, I still hunted as SCS Software set the games to be, and competed in all the Tournaments I could. I competed against moded hunters. I was on page 7 of the Hunter Profile Standings, out of 180 pages. So, quite accomplished hunting without mods. Be careful of moding, as you do not want to take away from the original great game. You do not want a Hunting Unlimited 11. I have also seen mods do wrong in other games, so be careful really.
When Hunting Unlimited went down, and the moderators moved on, I started playing, The Hunter Call of the Wild. That game did Not have the same appeal as Hunting Unlimited, I tried to make it work, but I really enjoy Hunting Unlimited. So that is why I play Hunting Unlimited on my Windows 7 and Windows 11 computers.
I see Ladyhawke here, 4 years ago, she was from the original Hunting Unlimited Forum, she is right though the interest is fading, but not because of the game, it is because of the Tournament Generator, the games themselves have good missions, and you can make your own limited hunt, but the cherry on top was the Tournaments. With the Tournaments, you can pick your map, what time of day to start, what the weather will be, the animals and tag limit, when the hunt will end, what weapons are being used, and once created you download the.def file, so you were correct NmanMETA. Once downloaded you can access the Hunt anytime and compete against other hunters from wherever they might be, and try to get the Tournament Score or go for the Heaviest Animal.
My Wife and I really loved this game, still love it, we would play every day for hours on end a lot of times into the early morning hours not only competing on-line but also with each other
Now with the Tournaments disabled, we just compete against each other. The Hunts are saved .def files, so we Hunt, compete, and then I take the .def file out and put it into my saved folder, and then load another Hunt.
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