Multiple traffic spawn conditions for AI traffic vehicles?

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Multiple traffic spawn conditions for AI traffic vehicles?

#1 Post by Laqueesha » 06 Aug 2023 00:20

I'm adding custom AI traffic vehicles and would like to know if I can set more than one traffic spawn condition so I can have the vehicle spawn in a specific city as well as at a specific time of day, instead of just one or the other.
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Re: Multiple traffic spawn conditions for AI traffic vehicles?

#2 Post by avenger » 15 Apr 2024 01:49

I believe your answer is in def/vehicle/ai/bus_opalin.sui, where it:

Code: Select all

 spawn_condition[]: .traffic.bus_s.condition.time


traffic_spawn_condition: .traffic.bus_s.condition.time
 # spawn only in following game time intervals
 type: time

 # 06:00 - 9:00
 num_param[]: 360
 num_param[]: 540

 # 16:00 - 18:00
 num_param[]: 960
 num_param[]: 1080

 # spawn only inside cities
 type: city
 str_param[]: "?*"
For the looks of it, the logic aggregation here is and, which means "spawn this type of vehicle in the specified time interval -and- within a city (any city).

I found your (likely) answer while looking for ways to limit traffic spawning to specific roads. Perhaps the map already implement area names to roads, which would help a lot.
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