HU 2010 Map extraction

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HU 2010 Map extraction

#1 Post by mirage58 » 23 Apr 2024 00:28

After a bit of digging in the base.scs and going around in Zmodeler 3, i finally managed to extract a map... This being Arizona or Southwest (ingame), and here's how it looks.
The XYZ positions for the map meshes are all positioned correctly along with the UV maps.
I think the game runs a script for the XYZ positions for the objects because the objects such as trees,bushes and other props are missing here.
Materials for the meshes exist but they are all white. The textures need to be placed on each mesh individually.
The problem here is that you don't know which mesh uses which texture... I don't know which file stores the material and texture information for the meshes...
I only used 1 texture above as a demonstration as to how the map looks.
You can also export these meshes back into the PMD format however you'd probably need to place the changes into a specific chunk of the map if you wanted to load it.
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