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Hunting Unlimited series revival community

#1 Post by Gigabite » 23 Jan 2024 00:36

Future of the Hunting Unlimited Series

In the vast landscape of gaming, the Hunting Unlimited series stands as a nostalgic cornerstone for many. Here's an exhaustive list of compelling reasons why the series should continue, with the ultimate goal of fostering a thriving community of Hunting Unlimited modders to influence the series' future and make it even more realistic:

1. **Realism Redefined**: The Hunting Unlimited series has been a pioneer in delivering realistic hunting simulations. Continuing the series allows for advancements in graphics, AI, and mechanics, raising the bar for realism and player immersion.

2. **Educational Platform**: Beyond entertainment, the series acts as an educational tool, offering accurate information on species, habitats, and hunting techniques. A continuation could delve deeper into educational aspects, contributing to players' knowledge and appreciation of the natural world.

3. **Dedicated Niche Community**: Hunting games have a passionate fan base, and the Hunting Unlimited series caters specifically to this niche. Continuing the series will maintain and expand this dedicated community, fostering a shared passion for virtual hunting.

4. **Technological Evolution**: Leveraging the latest gaming technology, a new installment could capitalize on cutting-edge hardware and software capabilities. This could result in stunning visuals, lifelike environments, and enhanced AI, providing a gaming experience that stays on the forefront of technology.

5. **Global Modding Community**: The current modder community for Hunting Unlimited 10 is already active and thriving. Your collective efforts contribute to innovative additions, realistic enhancements, and showcase the potential for community-driven content creation.

6. **Conservation Integration**: The series can play a role in promoting conservation awareness. By incorporating elements about responsible hunting, environmental impact, and wildlife preservation, it not only entertains but educates, contributing positively to the broader conversation around conservation.

7. **Customization and Variety**: A new release could expand on customization options, allowing players to personalize gear, weapons, and hunting locations. Diverse environments and challenges would keep gameplay fresh, attracting both new and returning players.

8. **Narrative Storytelling**: Injecting engaging narratives or mission-based gameplay could add depth to the series. Immersive storylines could involve players in compelling tales, creating an emotional connection and making the gaming experience more memorable.

9. **Community-Driven Movement**: Envision a future where the community actively participates in the series' development. By fostering a culture of feedback, collaboration, and modding, you're collectively influencing the direction of the Hunting Unlimited series.

10. **Childhood Nostalgia**: For many, Hunting Unlimited was more than just a game; it was a significant part of childhood. Continuing the series not only honors those memories but introduces a new generation to the joy and excitement that defined our youth.

Join our vision for the future of Hunting Unlimited! Share your experiences and creations as part of the active modder community on Discord: [Discord Invite Link](

Together, let's make Hunting Unlimited series continue!, evolving experience driven by the passion of its community, with modding playing a central role in shaping its ongoing narrative. Happy modding!
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Re: Hunting Unlimited series revival community

#2 Post by 4FEATHERS » 15 May 2024 12:20

It is really a good thing all the modders are doing. However; be very careful with the mods as for not to take away from the original game. I like games that are simple and easy. SCS made a really great game, Hunting Unlimited. The game graphics are great just the way they are and were. Interaction within the game was easy and straight forward. The missions within each game of the series were well done.
I see a lot of talk about improved graphics or leveraging the latest gaming technologies. Years ago on the original forum, I too got caught up in everyone's hyped up wishes, and made a few suggestions myself. That is why I say be careful of what you wish for. Hunting Unlimited was and is perfect just the way it is.
I tried using Hunter Call of the Wild, 2019 version or better because of save options. I did the Hunts which were mission based within each map, but you can hunt extra as in open world games you do not have to go from point A to point B, so a lot of extra hunting to bring up XP. Got really good at hunting protocols; downwind, directional hunting for wind change and for terrain cover deadening sound movement, check animal movement for positioning, set up for animal habitual movements and patterns within different hunt zones, calling the animal in to your position, you name it.
Well all said and done, I missed Hunting Unlimited. I could do all that I just mentioned within the Hunting Unlimited game. I did not have to get so many XP in order to use certain weapons or certain gear, as each Tournament hunt set what was to be used, and you can fill your equipment slots, what the weather would be, how many days the hunt would be, how many tags were required, HU 2010 really enforced the tag requirement.
I seen somewhere on the forum about hunting past 2100 Hours, well I am glad that Hunting Unlimited had the ending time, as it portrays realistic hunting as IRL you cannot hunt after dark.
But if you really need to hunt in the dark, go to Hunter Call of the Wild. There you can hunt in the dark with night vision scopes and binoculars, use your head light or your ATV light to freeze deer, just like the old saying a deer in the headlights, they just freeze. but be very careful as when darkness falls the Wolves come out and they are relentless. You might get a glimpse of them up ahead of you or to the side, but they will circle back. The Wolves hunt in packs and will tear you up if you are not prepared, carry multiple weapons. You know they are around and they will circle you to attack as you can hear a low growling, however; I always have my dog Duke, One Shot Wonder named him, with me and he lets me know when the Wolves are coming at me or if the Moose, Bears, or Bison are going to attack me. So be careful in this game as you The Hunter are also The Hunted.
Well again all said and done, nothing beats Hunting Unlimited.
My better half, oneshotwonder, and I 4FEATHERS, still compete against each other with our saved Hunting Unlimited Tournaments. Just like in the old Hunting Unlimited forum with the Games, certain members would get into a Tournament with pre-set conditions and they would compete. I know LadyHawke, Lone Wolf, BrianT, DollarBill will know about this if they are still around. I see one post by LadyHawke, four years ago, she held out so long but seen the same as I do, it is dying without the Tournaments.
What I am saying is with all that extra fluff in those newer games with high intensity graphics and programming, I would Not trade my time with Hunting Unlimited.
I, we would rather hunt; play Hunting Unlimited than any other hunting game on the market today or in the future.
So, talking about revival.
Hunting Unlimited Tournaments was where the game really shined, and without the Tournaments, well you can just see by this forum the result of no Touraments
When Touraments were live this forum was hopinng there was so much activity here, now you can see aging posts, with not much happening except for those that are trying to mod the game, nothing wrong with that, but revive the Tournament Generator and you will see a bonfire instaed of simmering ashes.
Years ago when SCS sold Hunting Unlimited they did not sell the rights to the Tournament Generator, as they knew the value of it was beyond - beyond.
I do not know what the current situation is or if they have sold it off since.
Well before this is posted the moderators will check content before posting, I will put this out to you, if you possibly have any kind of way of contacting SCS about the Tournament Generator, or a way of contacting LadyHawke as she was the head moderator back in the day, she might know, see if SCS will let you moderators control it, or if SCS would think of selling it to us so we can control it as a group and keep the great game of HUNTING UNLIMITED alive for years to come.
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