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Forum Readability

#1 Post by Kiwimike7 » 01 Jul 2024 08:56

I have recently switched from Firefox to Vivaldi - Firefox was crashing too often - and I found that the yellow headings were difficult to read, the colour wasn't contrasting enough from the background. I am a lomg time user of an extension called Stylus, which reformats pages to your liking, and found a theme which with a slight tweak suits me. In case anyone else is interested, first add stylus as an extension to the browser. Then in Stylus search for themes for phpbb and a number will appear. I selected one which has blue headings which works very well for me. You will then need to edit the theme in Stylus, and add the url to the list of sites. Save and away you go.
Mike (Kiwmike7)

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