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American internet radios - links to streams

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Re: American internet radios - links to streams

#131 Post by Starz » 20 Feb 2016 21:33

Hey, I'm Starz. I'm a DJ for Truck Sim Radio and I realized Truck Sim Radio (Also known as Euro Truck Radio or American Truck Radio) is currently not in American Truck Simulator. In Euro Truck Simulator, we are still currently the most popular. But as we are now international, we have recognized that we are not in the list and was wondering if we can make it onto the list. It would be greatly appreciated.

Code: Select all

stream_data[0]: "|TruckSimRadio|Varied|UK|128|1"
^ This is the code for the radio and all of us here at Truck sim radio would love it if we could make it onto the stream list on American Truck Simulator.

Many thanks for reading this,
Happy trucking,
DJ Starz []

Joe Woods
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New Radio american truck sim Radio

#132 Post by Joe Woods » 18 Mar 2016 00:18

american truck sim Radio

me and a couple of freind that play American Truck Simulator have gone and made a radio station to give back to the players and truck driver on American Truck Simulator and euro truck sim we were hoping you could add it global to the list of radio in the next update or sooner if it is do able be great to have it on there.

there infor for the radio is

Quick Listen Link:

Full Server Address:

radio link for ingame American Truck Sim Radio

radio name american truck sim Radio
we are also going to have new report and road update for all the american truck sim server on the radio so we are hoping you could add it to the radio list

i was told to sen this request to you from LIGHTOFGOD

this is supporting the community and adding some light into the trucker day with road reports and that we are doing here is adding to the truck sim experience by adding a radi othat does road reports and that.

we are now also starting to kick into the convoy study and get all reports and info for convoys and that to get the new out thre more about the convoy that are going to happen and when we are really wanting to give back to players and give them a radio that get more convoys going and more road reports for the drivers we but alot of work and hard though into this and alot of planing if you like we can show you all the doc we got done up for the convoys and road reports. shout out and more we hope ths could be added to the list of radio for all
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Re: American internet radios - links to streams

#133 Post by Dodge34 » 02 Jun 2016 18:09

For anyone that want a great country radio station for the Arizona, I got this one for you beware to replace the yourchoice part with a valid available number on your list :

stream_data[yourchoice]: " ... P3|Arizona Real Country KSWG|Country|EN|64|1"

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Re: American internet radios - links to streams

#134 Post by Space_Night » 23 Sep 2016 21:24

I stream this when playing ATS

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Re: American internet radios - links to streams

#136 Post by Tigizoo » 27 Oct 2016 14:39

Any thoughts of creating a sticky for radio station listings (with the proper format)?

On another note regarding this topic, I have tried to create my own list by grabbing streams from shoutcast. Are there any other recommended sites that you get a directory of radio streams that you append to the "live_streams.sii" file?

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Re: American internet radios - links to streams

#137 Post by Necrosapien1 » 18 Nov 2016 15:25

I would love to have the station I DJ for playing while I am driving. We are a fully licensed station. We so interviews and such as well. Playing ROCK/Metal.

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Re: American internet radios - links to streams

#138 Post by amtmodding » 23 Nov 2016 01:36

i have been trying and trying to make this cb channel 19 live stream to work but i just cant seam to get it.. anyone able to help? also is there a way to adjust the volume on an individual stream? i have one i really like but i cant hear it over my 3406.. thanks in advance :!:

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Re: American internet radios - links to streams

#139 Post by bobgrey1997 » 24 Jun 2017 12:35

Not sure if anyone still watches this thread, but I just got an AMAZING idea!
SCS, why don't you make contact with iHeartRadio and Spotify (arguably the two most popular music apps in the United States) and integrate them directly to the game. This would mean that as long as I haveATS/ETS2 and iHeartRadio and/or Spotify, I can access them and stream music with them straight from the game, as well as change station/playlist. All with keybinding similar to the in-game radio we currently have.
The reason I suggest this is that the majority of radio stations in the United States are iHeart stations, meaning you can't stream them in-game. So, why not partner with iHeart and call it done, problem solved. Also, many players who listen to music want to port in playlist of songs, but can't afford to buy hundreds of $2 songs, so we just make a playlist on Spotify which can only be heard on Spotify (similar to iHeart) so why not partner with Spotify too?
The iHeartRadio and Spotify apps themselves are still being used, just controlled through another program. This leaves their security and anti-piracy/copyright methods intact. A win-win(-win) for all!

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Re: American internet radios - links to streams

#140 Post by airbus_sai » 24 Jun 2017 12:55

bobgrey1997, is it available globally? I can't access neither of these two right now. Spotify openly states that it's not available in my country, iHeart just does not play radios...
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