WIP - Talking GPS

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WIP - Talking GPS

#1 Post by DorinDXN » 05 Apr 2015 15:27

I started to work on add-on making GPS to give also audio instructions.

I'll work on only in my free time which beside of being little has to be shared with ETS2 driving :)
So it will take some long time until it will be finished and released.

If you find this useful to be in game please post here - it may speed up a bit ;) , if you're not is no need to post,
I'm talking with SCS too :)
when you have in plan to add this feature in game please give a sign and I'll happily stop to work on the public variant and maybe focus on some particular one.

During the work in progress I'll post some videos here.
The voice could have been synthesized voice but, for a while, I'll use one borrowed from a real navigation system - sounds more pleasant :)
I'll post videos when some new step have reached and if that step could have some useful meanings, aside of this project.

Like this one
a delivery from Innsbruck to Stuttgart in which I have position tagging in upper-left corner displayed in real-time - 1 sec. pooling
- this feature alone can be of some use if you want to (re)visit that place - can be made as video subtitle, of course, and maybe another time it will be as subtitle.

To give idea of the size of the the full extraction, here is http://pastebin.com/uRSb1JLF which corresponds with the above video.

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Re: WIP - Talking GPS

#2 Post by Serb1205 » 05 Apr 2015 15:36

Looks Great :)

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Re: WIP - Talking GPS

#3 Post by Rene-Gad » 05 Apr 2015 16:32

How about languages ?? In english only ??
Do U want add it as "sound mod" for every "Route adviser" ??
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Re: WIP - Talking GPS

#4 Post by DorinDXN » 05 Apr 2015 16:41

When released it will have for sure synthesized voice in English and a name pattern for audio files in any language,
even you can record your own voice :) and share with others..
Some parameter will allow selection of the language.
So if some audio file exists in a certain language that language will be available, like

will be English and German as language to chose from.

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Re: WIP - Talking GPS

#5 Post by Bluetruck » 05 Apr 2015 17:00

:shock: :shock:
really awesome ;)
An english GPS is quite directly: "You're over the speedlimit". German one only sayssomething like "consider the speedlimit" :D

One Thing I noticed: The message "follow this road" is quite late. It should be Little bit earlier ;)

But you did really cool work. I really love it if People have the knowledge to manipulate more than only models and maps (me not :lol: ) Keep it going ;)

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Re: WIP - Talking GPS

#6 Post by bumbumek » 05 Apr 2015 17:04

It looks like it's gonna be a great feature :) good luck!

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Re: WIP - Talking GPS

#7 Post by Andhar » 05 Apr 2015 17:13

A few days ago my wife talked to me how cool it would be if there was a voiced GPS - and there it comes! :D
Judging from the video: Stunning work so far :)

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Re: WIP - Talking GPS

#8 Post by SimulatorSam » 05 Apr 2015 17:54

So I'm guessing it'll be a plugin that you'll put in the plugins folder? Looks good anyway! :D

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Re: WIP - Talking GPS

#9 Post by JazzGuru » 05 Apr 2015 18:25

This looks awesome! Taking ETS2 to the next level... :)

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Re: WIP - Talking GPS

#10 Post by Sniper » 05 Apr 2015 18:28

Interesting project, but since telemetry does not provide any navigation data, this will be a lot of work. How exactly are you accessing map and planned route?

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