[REL] ProMods v2.46

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Re: [REL] ProMods v2.45

#4871 Post by dvojinov » 03 May 2020 19:51

BenganJ wrote:
03 May 2020 11:25

It's no secret that the limitations most often is the game engine itself, not the hardware,
so use that overcapacity of your card and machine to do some serious antialiasing instead!
Found a better way and more useful for my R9 3950X+2080Ti Im able to run Folding@Home (full) CPU/GPU and playing ETS2 under current condition without any impact on the game performance .
If I don't look at the CPU/GPU stats I wouldn't even know I actually Fold the same time I drive though the virtual world of Europe . What I did though, dont know if really necessary I set Affinity for Folding to 24Cores leaving 8 for what ever rest it can be used in this case ETS2 .
I then took aprox 3500 km route and I didn't feel any difference or any major hiccups , its a good way to have fun and fight Covid19 at the same time I guess .
When I setup for that test I dint actually thought it will work smoothly , I thought there will be some huge frame drops , or sort of stuttering and slowdowns but surprisingly it runs amazingly good.
I'm guessing Folding@home uses the Cuda cores which have no use in ETS2 and obviously the 8 cores from the CPU are sufficient enough to run the game without really impacting the game performance .
Thanks guys for all the help and advises

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Re: [REL] ProMods v2.45

#4872 Post by Yusuf_AzgarWafflez » 12 May 2020 19:27

Can you guys start making southern black sea addon?

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Re: [REL] ProMods v2.45

#4873 Post by Neranjana » 20 May 2020 10:05

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Re: [REL] ProMods v2.45

#4874 Post by punkito » 20 May 2020 11:02

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Re: [REL] ProMods v2.45

#4875 Post by Gnagarn86 » 20 May 2020 11:18

punkito wrote:
20 May 2020 11:02
I followed the loadorder from promods and put the asset file above the def file

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Re: [REL] ProMods v2.46

#4877 Post by jntgaming » 22 May 2020 20:48

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Re: [REL] ProMods v2.46

#4878 Post by Zyo » 24 May 2020 02:06

Any workaround for someone who doesnt have the Black Sea DLC? I'd like to run it with 1.37, I've deleted the compatability in the def file but it seems to be tied into the others too, and they are locked. Not really wanting to go back to 1.36, I mean I will if necessary, but i'd like to mod test it with my own projects.

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Re: [REL] ProMods v2.46

#4879 Post by Arayas » 24 May 2020 06:03

Dlc manifest restriction is just a restriction. You cannot "fix" the tones of missing materials inserted in the map from the new DLC.

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Re: [REL] ProMods v2.45

#4880 Post by mcf924 » 24 May 2020 07:18

Yusuf_AzgarWafflez wrote:
12 May 2020 19:27
Can you guys start making southern black sea addon?
Do you mean southern region ?

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