Mis-placed overhead directional sign. [FIXED]

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Re: Sign Facing Wrong Way Near Elko

#11 Post by IonutL » 03 Apr 2016 09:56

You're images are too small. And you didn't post the coordinates. If you don't know how read here:
1) Find config.cfg in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 root folder in My Documents
Edit the lines
g_developer "0"
g_console "0"

to read

g_developer "1"
g_console "1"

2) in game, line up your screenshot and press SHIFT+F11
3) write your bug text, then click on REPORT SCR
4) open bugs.txt in the ETS2 folder, there you will find your text with coordinates
5) in the Screenshot folder, you will find png file to use with your report.

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Re: Sign Facing Wrong Way Near Elko

#12 Post by Mohegan13 » 03 Apr 2016 10:13

Already fixed in 1.2beta.
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