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[REL] RMP: Heilbronn 1:1 [v.1.1.1] 1.38

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[REL] RMP: Heilbronn 1:1 [v.1.1.1] 1.38

#1 Post by klauzzy » 01 Oct 2017 12:21


Regional Map Project: Heilbronn

Hello guys,

a little time after the release of ETS2 i started to work on a 1:1 map of my hometown Heilbronn.
Time after time i continued working and working.
The map contains a lot of places you´ll recognize.
In the beginning i thought i´d just make a personal map that i´ll never release.
With the scale of 1:1 you´ll get a completely different driving experience. It feels way more realistic.
So you´ll get an idea how it feels to be a local truck driver :D

***Things you shound know***
- Standalone map!
- Traffic mod included
To change the traffic density use the console command "g_traffic" command (0.1 - 10)
-Please report bugs if you find some

**DLC´s required**
- Going East
- Scandinavia
- France
- Italy
- Baltic
- Black Sea


Code: Select all


- compatibility update for ETS2 1.38
- Economy update by Rico1789 added
- traffic mod updated


- A6: expanded (east) -> expanded to exit of Crailsheim with new exit's, cities and industrial zones
- A81: expanded (north) -> expanded to Osterburken
- A81: Neuenstadt to Möckmühl reworked and added realistic restplaces
- A81: Untergruppenbach to Ilsfeld --> complete rebuild
- New City "Bad Rappenau" with connection Road added
- A6: Cross Weinsberg to Bretzfeld -> complete rebuild
- A6: Cross Weinsberg to HN/Zentrum / Neckarsulm reworked
- A6: Roadwork from Cross Weinsberg to Bad Rappenau is now expanded and up to date like RL. Also some parts have been reworked
- A6: Roadwork of the new Neckartal Bridge updated (Heilbronn to Neckarsulm)
- A6: Restplace Neckarsulm to Kreuz Weinsberg removed (Roadwork in RL)
- A6: Rastplatz Hohenlohe -> complete reworked (now its like rl)
- New Autobahn Sightseeing signs added  (thanks to Dan89)
- Entrace/Exit of the Industrial Area in HN-Neckargartach reworked
- bugs fixed


- New Road with villages: Bretzfeld to Mainhardt
- New Road with villages: Untergruppenbach to Löwenstein
- new city signs added and replaced
- Bonfeld Industrial zone reworked
- Bonfeld, Kirchhausen a bit reworked
- B39 Fürfeld to Heilbronn Frankenbach reworked
- Conversion for ETS2 1.36
- Traffic mod (based on rudi's) reworked for the most realistic behaviour and traffic density.
- bugs fixed


- Changed textures and trees all over the map.
- added new city roads/area - Heilbronn Sontheim
- biiiig road expansion of B39 and b14 to Schwäbisch Hall. Also another road to Kupfer
- Background map in world map added (smallest zoom only)
- reported bugs fixed

- Compatibility update for 1.35
- A6 reworked from Neckarsulm to Bad Rappenau. It has now 3 lanes like in RL. It was finished in rl a few weeks ago
- Bugs fixed

- all possible roads and prefabs changed to scs's new germany roads (better looking and better traffic flow)
- Traffic mod now included (Thanks to RudiRaser)
- reworked several parts of the map
- HN Neckargartach area reworked (companies)
- parts of the Neckartalstrasse reworked
- added Heilbronn-Süd with a new road through the city to Untergruppenbach
- 4 missing restplaces added 
- all restplaces reworked
- Bretzfeld reworked
- new Autobahn driveway/exit in Öhringen and Bretzfeld
- some areas of the A6 and A81 reworked and added new roadworks (like in rl)
- small changes at Kreuz Weinsberg
- added details in the industrial zone of Neuenstadt
- parts of Neuenstadt reworked
- a lot of bugs fixed
- there's more....but i don't remember ;)

- replaced almost all navigation signs to the new from scs
- new loading screen by rezafatul --> Thank you for the nice work!!
- a lot of bugs fixed
- finished industrial Area of Ilsfeld 
- finished industrial Area of Lauffen a.N.
- A6: Heilbronn to Bad Rappenau : extended Roadworks
- Cross Weinsberg: Weinsberg to Neuenstadt reworked
- Roads reworked in Fürfeld - Bonfeld
- FPS optimized in the area of Möckmühl
- reworked roads in Heilbronn Zentrum
- reworked areas in HN Neckargartach
- reworked and expanded areas in HN Frankenbach
- Crossing in HN Böckingen reworked
- Crossings on the Autobahn Exit Untergruppenbach reworked
- Fixed a lot of bugs
- expanded Böckingen
- map expansion with new roads - B239
- small expansion of the B19 to Kupfer
- a lot more i dont remember ;)
- deleted traffic mod

- support for patch 1.31
- B39 expanded from Willsbach to Wüstenrot
- B27 Industriegebiet - Heilbronn expanded
- added the first part of Heilbronn -> a road through HN to Untergruppenbach will follow


- A6 Sinsheim to Bad Rappenau -> Environment reworked.
- Road from Biberach to Bonfeld reworked.
- Neckartalstrasse in some places reworked.
- changed almost every rest place
- added Roadworks / accidents
- new mobile radar positions.
- city signs added
- a lot new details added
- Companies without load fixed
- more freights available
- over 100 bugs fixed
- expanded the "Weinsberger Tal" (Willsbach) a bit 
- a lot more


- A6 expanded from Neuenstein to Kupferzell
- Reworked rest place (A6 - Neckarsulm - Kreuz Weinsberg)
- added Heilbronn Böckingen with companies
- added a Road from HN Böckingen to HN- Frankenbach (B39)
- added a bridge construction site (A6 exit Heilbronn)
- a looot of bugs fixed  
- and more small stuff like an accident etc. 
- new mobile radar station placed and deleted ;)
- much more small changes


- V.1.1.1 (ETS2 1.38): RMP-Heilbronn-1.1.1_1.38.rar - 338.2 MB

Show respect and keep the original downloadlink please!

Old Versions:
V.1.1.0 (ETS2 1.37):RMP-Heilbronn-1.1_1.37.rar - 350.3 MB
V.1.0.9 (ETS2 1.36): RMP-Heilbronn-1.0.9_1.36.rar - 339.7 MB
V.1.0.8 (ETS2 1.35): RMP-Heilbronn-1.0.8_1.35.rar - RMP-Heilbronn-1.0.8_1.35.rar - 333.6 MB
V.1.0.7 (ETS2 1.35): RMP-Heilbronn-1.0.7_1.35.rar - 334.2 MB
V.1.0.6 (ETS2 1.33, 1.34): RMP-Heilbronn-1.0.6_1.33.rar - 225.3 MB
V.1.0.6 (ETS2 1.33, 1.34) Hotfix:
V.1.0.5 (ETS2 1.32): [URL=]RMP-Heilbronn-1.0.5_1.32.rar - 221.7 MB

V.1.0.5 (ETS2 1.32) Hotfix: _RMP-HN_map.scs - 223.3 MB
V.1.0.4 (ETS2 1.31): RMP-Heilbronn-1.0.4_1.31.rar - 217.4 MB
V.1.0.3 (ETS2 1.30): RMP-Heilbronn-1.0.3_1.30.rar - 206.6 MB
V.1.0.2 (ETS2 1.30): _RMP_-Heilbronn-1.0.2_1.30_.rar - 205.8 MB
V.1.0.1 (ETS2 1.30): _RMP_-Heilbronn-1.0.1_1.30_.rar - 205.8 MB
V.1.0.0 (ETS2 1.28):_RMP_-Heilbronn-1.0.rar - 203.1 MB
HOTFIX (ETS2 1.28):_RMP-HN_Hotfix.scs - 4.1 MB

If you like my work, feel free to make a donation.

- fld (Models&Prefabs)
- Bluetruck (Models)
- 50k (Lidl - Models)
- zeppelin3 (Models-traffic signs)
- walshy70 (Models)
- RudiRaser (Traffic mod)
- Kirrou (custom company)
- German City Signs (feliweigi)
- Dan89 (Sightseeing signs)


Map overview:



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Heilbronn 1:1 - Map

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Re: [WIP] RMP: Heilbronn [GER] 1:1 Map

#2 Post by Mooner_37 » 01 Oct 2017 13:13

Nice screenshots, i'm looking forward for more :D
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Re: [WIP] RMP: Heilbronn [GER] 1:1 Map

#3 Post by Davyddin » 01 Oct 2017 13:27

Wow, looks really good!
ProMods moderator, translator, and tester. ATS and ETS2 player and modder. Author e.g. of the Profile Jumpstart mods. Fennoswede from the Finnish archipelago.

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Re: [WIP] RMP: Heilbronn [GER] 1:1 Map

#4 Post by BK Vissers » 01 Oct 2017 13:41

Very nice work!

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[WIP] RMP: Heilbronn [GER] 1:1 Map

#5 Post by Hakan » 01 Oct 2017 13:56

Realistc! lovely looking Forward also!

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Re: [WIP] RMP: Heilbronn [GER] 1:1 Map

#6 Post by Wilhelm_A » 01 Oct 2017 16:08

Great job!

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Re: [WIP] RMP: Heilbronn [GER] 1:1 Map

#7 Post by Дорожный рассвет » 01 Oct 2017 16:42

Only the person who begets in his native land,-can truly capture the atmosphere of the surrounding World .Good job.

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Re: [WIP] RMP: Heilbronn [GER] 1:1 Map

#8 Post by muli » 01 Oct 2017 21:04

Looks Great,i like this Region.
maybe later.... Odenwald ?
sorry for my bad englisch

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Re: [WIP] RMP: Heilbronn [GER] 1:1 Map

#9 Post by sunrise » 02 Oct 2017 07:11

Very nice pictures. Looks really great!
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Re: [WIP] RMP: Heilbronn [GER] 1:1 Map

#10 Post by Shilka » 03 Oct 2017 11:05

This is looking great! I'm seeing a lot of attention to detail for a 1:1 map! I would definitely be playing this map when released :)
(The Hermes skin in the background of the first screenshot made me think of Sascha LKW Fahrnünftig from YT btw :P )

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