Special Transport - beacons on the back

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Re: Special Transport - beacons on the back

#11 Post by Kraake » 04 Jan 2019 09:05

Noted Image.

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Re: Special Transport - beacons on the back

#12 Post by flight50 » 22 Nov 2020 01:06

@Kraake and @SiSL I'm not sure what happened thru research or translation for strobes, but the new lowboys that came with 1.39 could use some updating. The strobes that we got are not integrated into the trailer like they should be like ETS2. I don't know the reference you guys used to create the strobes for ATS lowboys, but I have never seen strobes mounted on the trailer like what we got in 1.39. The beacons on the bar are okay. We have those but the strobes, I don't think is correct. If there is a reference, they definitely are not the common strobes used for heavy haul. The below pics are from ATS that we have as caution/warning light. Also, the light bars in the below video are just as common as the beacons on the truck itself. A couple LED light bars would be more immersive and provide another option or two. Heck, make them part of an accessory pack or something. Its not core and it should probably be part of a paid accessories pack. Now that would be some "Lovely Stuff", lol.


Here are a few videos I have collected that show integrated strobes into the trailer and not exterior mounted like what we have now. I placed time stamps of where the strobe are under each video.
time mark 0:18-0:25, 2:20-2:22

time mark 2:38-2:40, 3:20-3:27

time mark 3:46-3:53

time mark 11:02-11:12

time mark 2:42-2-2:47, 9:10-9:15

time mark 0:11-0:14, 0:53-1:00

time mark 0:37-0:57, 1:24-1:34, 1:36-1:50, 2:10-2:13

time mark 2:35-4:25

time stamp 36:31-37:33

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