Road to the Black Sea Discussion

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Re: Road to the Black Sea Discussion

#2071 Post by dahaka » 06 May 2020 22:05

Nope, Romania is not the only one, weird choice of roads for Bulgaria aswell. Namely road 1/E79. They omited this main road to add road 81, which is slower, and in worse conditions IRL and which no international truckers take.....

Otherwise the DLC is of very high quality, and I'm overall satisfied. They didn't abandon it, special transport will come at some point. But it's a tough time for everyone now, including SCS, and they have their hands full with Iberia. So I give them a break for now.

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Re: Road to the Black Sea Discussion

#2072 Post by Some newbie driver » 06 May 2020 23:20

Last special transport routes update arrived like 6 months after the Baltics map release; so we are approx "in time" and considering the situation isn't strange the delay. BTW they included a lot of extra routes, more than a 25% extra ones regarding previous amount, and not just on the last DLC but all along the map. I'm eager waiting the new batch of routes.


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Re: Road to the Black Sea Discussion

#2073 Post by jackalnxt » 07 May 2020 05:26

Personally, I'm happy they added 1/E79. Sure, most truckers probably won't use it IRL, but I see it as a way to represent the various mountain passes in the country. And since we didn't get the Shipka pass, the Petrohan pass seemed like the only viable alternative.

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