ATS concept map (fanmade)

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Re: ATS concept map (fanmade)

#911 Post by fra_ba » 16 Jul 2020 08:53

The part of SR-21 between Stanley and Lowman doesn't seem to be problematic though the part between Lowman and Idaho City looks curvy. A real trucker in forum already said that using SR-21 requires special permit. So it's not entirely ruled out. Also iirc both us-95 and id-55 have length restriction but they end up in game. I also checked editor, seems in terms of scale there is no issue!

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Re: ATS concept map (fanmade)

#912 Post by flight50 » 16 Jul 2020 14:24

Yes Ellie chimed in. I know Ellie. I met her at GATS last year. Very very sweet person and very knowledgeable. Yes she did say that ID-21 is not completely off limits but it is limited. So if you can't take all trailer combinations on it in ATS, SCS is better off not doing it imo so I concur with their decision. If ID-21 has a 48 or 53' limit (I can't remember Ellie's exact words), you can bet someone will try TPD, triples or the longest HH trailer they can haul.
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Re: ATS concept map (fanmade)

#913 Post by Shiva » 16 Jul 2020 21:11

Maybe a big big warning sign? ;) :D

/edit 5th august 2020:
US-26 between Moran to Riverton deleted?!
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