Renault T Light Improvements v.1.4 FIXED (16.06.20) (1.37)

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Renault T Light Improvements v.1.4 FIXED (16.06.20) (1.37)

#1 Post by Gloover » 26 Sep 2019 22:41


Welcome to my Renault Range T Light Improvements v.1.4

What is Light Improvement? It adds different parts from simpel slots to lightboxes, sunvisors, custom skirts, roof, bottom, side bars, custom bumpers, and aero parts from renault,
all you need is your lights accessory mods to individually design your Range T.

This addons i used, i preefer you them: (Set my mod higher then all your accessory mods! I had to edit the hookup for new suitable strings! The shown accessorys below are supported!

Changelog v.1.4

Fixes 1.4 (v1.35 v1.36):

Advanced coupling got fixed
Rearfenders got fixed
Sepperated Chassis
Remade materials of all painted parts from my mod.

New in v1.4:
Renault Aero Parts (Front/Sideskirts 4x2 only)
Dirt deflectors (Side reflector slot)
Window deflectors (Sidemirror slot)
Sunshields standard extended black
White Roofmarkers
Custom Sideskirts 4x2 6x2/4 6x24
4x2 Square sidebar whit orange lights
New custom sunshield
2 Lightboxes as accessory
French & German plate
Removeable sidereflector
Painted lights xenon/halogen (Thanks to umri20)
Painted Rearfenders/Covers all varaints added (Thanks to Sogard3)
Staircase slot for front fenders also in paint (Thanks again to Sogard3)
Added curtain in exterior view
Templates added for custom parts/String lines for paintjob system included.

Notice: Templates arent perfect, i made this the first time, there can be problems
cause i edited them after again, and didnt remade the templates.
You wont gain any attention from me if something is wrong whit them.
It can be also that there are 2 sides, inside and outside.
Just be creativ if you have struggle.
Templates are only for the new skinsystem, the accessory strings you can
find in the Template folder. Dont ask me how to do this. This isnt my task
to teach you this.

Unrar/Unzip the file after download.

Have fun whit v.1.4!

Tested under latest patch, error free logfile.

Fixed version for 1.37!
Raindrops now appear again on the windshield, thats just a quick fix atm.
The stoneguard isnt visbil anymore in the interior cam. (its anyway ugly) i wont fix this in the future.
Everything else works like on patch 1.36 error free log.
But this dosnt mean im back in the ets buiss, i just have holidays and checked the mod if its still working. But now its driveable again i guess.
Have fun guys, i didnt want to let the people alone with a broken mod who still use it now you can hit the road again.


Download v1.4 FIXED 1.37: ... R.rar.html (Un/rar/zip after download!)

Publishing edited mod without my permission is FORBIDDEN!

Credits: Gloover, SCS, Sogard3, umri20

Video section: Thanks to MrGermanTruck & Neranjana for this review from v1.4!

Last edited by Gloover on 16 Jun 2020 00:22, edited 29 times in total.

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Re: Renault T Light Improvments/Lowered Chassis 1.35 v.1.0

#2 Post by Warrior96 » 26 Sep 2019 22:43

WOW thank you so much!!!

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Re: Renault T Light Improvements/Lowered Chassis 1.35 v.1.0

#4 Post by angrywhopper1993 » 27 Sep 2019 02:27

absolutely fantastic! thanks for lowering the chassis & add some much needed slots :)


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Re: Renault T Light Improvements/Lowered Chassis 1.35 v.1.0

#5 Post by Neranjana » 27 Sep 2019 04:04

Wow!! Fantastic work :D :o

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Re: Renault T Light Improvements/Lowered Chassis 1.35 v.1.0

#6 Post by Zizu » 27 Sep 2019 06:38

Hi Gloоver. Can you add these curtains?

Image ...

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Re: Renault T Light Improvements/Lowered Chassis 1.35 v.1.0

#8 Post by BjornGroen » 27 Sep 2019 07:51

How do people make mods so fast, the Range T isn't even out for a full 24 hours :D very well done, I'll check it out :)

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Re: Renault T Light Improvements/Lowered Chassis 1.35 v.1.0

#10 Post by bumbumek » 27 Sep 2019 10:28

Thank you dear Gloover!

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