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#921 Post by Some newbie driver » 31 Jul 2020 18:01

There's no big difference with ONE container, but any small city has thousands of containers. It's like the Malayan drop; one is nothing, thousands are a trouble. Those underground trash bins require x3 or x4 more time than regular ones to be collected. So, your running costs of vehicles and crews for garbage collection are multiplied by the same amount. And if the collecting is on daylight, it's x3 or x4 more time those trucks obstructing traffic. If the collection is at night, it's x3 or x4 time those trucks causing noise all around. All of this (and several other problems, costs and nuisances) because some people is so dedicated that don't want to see a trash bin.

If they are very usual in Portugal of course SCS should have them in mind when depicting those urban zones. They exist too in Spain and if SCS had to put them to depict better the place, I'm perfectly OK with it. But I rather to have not to see anyone in game because that would mean that IRL there would be no more of that nonsense.


PS: @xXCARL1992Xx the Spanish trash containers that @Stefanen2020 had found in the game files (the center one no, the others) are almost so big and with the same capacity that those underground builds. Even if the underground ones would be larger, they wouldn't have x3 or x4 the capacity of the surface ones (those size wouldn't be practical, require more expensive lifting equipment and would create problems of too many garbage accumulated for too long). So, even being bigger, at the end you still require more trucks and crews to do the same job plus all the other extra costs and problems. There's no single city in Spain that started to do that and didn't stopped it after a short time because the cons were soon very clear (well, the cons were clear even before they start, but politicians are stubborn when they face facts).

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Re: Iberia Discussion

#922 Post by Kirmes-Truck » 31 Jul 2020 23:39


Concerning the on-off tact of the red beacons on the windturbines i know that in germany it is like this on many windturbines

1 cycle:

Red Lights ON (1Second)
Red Lights OFF (0.5 Scond)
Red Lights ON (1 Second)
Red Lights OFF (2 Seconds)

Then cycle starts again.

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Re: Iberia Discussion

#923 Post by Stefanen2020 » 01 Aug 2020 10:07

The same goes for windturbines in Romania.
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