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Re: Iberia Discussion

#2121 Post by plinio.lisboa.br » 22 Nov 2020 02:51

I am hopeful that SCS Software will use the Iberian DLC to end a "trauma".
The "trauma" that is the realization of high mountain routes and high altitude relief.
I hope that they take a mountainous route through Spain so they can take the Pamplona highway through Jaca, the 99% extension of the N260 highway to the city of Figueres.
The road route, which is totally mountainous, long and scenic, would be exceptional.

Portugal although it has smaller mountains.

It has very beautiful mountain systems, very beautiful scenic routes, among so many ideas could be done:

The northern route one from Póvoa de Varzim with the A28, passing through the A1 highway, then close to Barcelos take the N205 highway, and continue along its entire length to Amares, where we could take the N308 highway, and have the very nice experience of go through the Rio Caldo. Then we could take the N103 highway, in its entire length until we reach the city of Bragança. The scenic route further north, very beautiful!

Below we can travel the Douro River through the N222 highway, it is also very beautiful, leaving the city of "Porto" and going until Vila Nova de Foz Côa. It is the most beautiful route in the country.

A road from north to south of Portugal, passing through the most central part of the country, would also be very interesting.

We would see a diversity of very interesting landscapes and reliefs, densities of different cities. We would also see the contrast between the motorway and the other types of highways, without leaving the route from north to south.

So it would be very attractive for those players who want to do a part of the trip a little quick, and then start entering a more beautiful, more scenic mountain area, and have the pleasure of a longer trip, passing through bucolic villages, forests, relief areas of plains, undulating plateaus, cattle ranching, agriculture, olive groves and things like that ... until you reach the sea, in the city of Faro.

It is a route that, for me, if it were built, in my humble opinion, it would be the most beautiful route in Portugal it would start at: Chaves on the A24 highway, it would pass through Vila Real, Peso da Régua, Viseu, Tondela, Penacova.
Then we would take the N2 highway in Penacova and it would be in its entirety going through Pedrogão Grande, Sertã, Vila do Rei, Abrantes, Montargil, Moura, Montemor-o-novo, Ferreira do Alentejo, Castro Verde, Almodovar .... we would arrive at Faro city !!! a route from the far north of Portugal to the far south of Portugal.

These would be the first sensations on a small scale, from which players could start to feel the new technologies of SCS Software to show the diversity.
Because that's what Europe is.

Then the players would already start preparing their spirits, for even longer trips such as: far north of Norway to the island of Cyprus.

One day, maybe, this will be real and there is a diversity of things on this PAN EUROPEAN route, it is incalculable.

The Iberian peninsula is just a small job, given all the grandeur that will still exist in Euro Truck 2.

The Iberian peninsula is a "SMALL" laboratory of landscapes, reliefs, demographic densities, for SCS Software to start following its projects.

Much of the vegetation of the Iberian Peninsula, the Mediterranean vegetation can be used to make Greece with other existing assets on the map of Italy, and of course researching many other things typical of Greece, for example. But things are so evolutionary.

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Re: Iberia Discussion

#2122 Post by Esproquet » 22 Nov 2020 07:32

Jacob2125 wrote:
22 Nov 2020 01:57
Almost the entirety of the ETS2 map is green so I welcome the diversity of landscape with open arms (and wallet).
This, mostly.

Iberia is exotic, in terms of Geography and culture, for western Europe. Most ETS2 routes are similar to each other because of the continental and atlantic climates being so common, especially when there are no seasons and the game takes place in June (?).


Our land looks mostly orangish in summer, the trees grow free on the mountains, the Atlantic coast and in the Guadalquivir area (southwest), central northern and southern mesetas seem steppes, Ebro valley to the northeast is really dry and desert-like, so is the southeast, really dry.

This is cool and new for ETS2
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Re: Iberia Discussion

#2123 Post by natjer3 » 22 Nov 2020 07:46

Million dollar question here. Any idea of a release date for an expansion that has been awaited for 8 years? Maybe 5th of Dec?

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Re: Iberia Discussion

#2124 Post by YugoDriver » 22 Nov 2020 08:58

@LAFAYET47 This is just feeling which I got from screenshots so far. I'm living in Balkans which is 80% green, so everything which isn't "typical" European greenish region for me is dessert :D

Of course, it will be very nice to have diversity in ETS2, I'm also happy because Iberia will give us an opportunity to drive from coast to coast, which is something that must truckers love.

@natjer3 I expect release date announcement at the end of next weeks, so it could be 5th of December. But there is some probability of delay because of coronavirus disease.

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Re: Iberia Discussion

#2125 Post by krmarci » 22 Nov 2020 09:26

Last year, after the Utah release, we had two blog posts before the release date announcement (+Bulgarian Paint Jobs, but we already have Spanish and Portuguese paint jobs). The second post came on 26 November.
On the other hand, last year by 22 November, we have already seen two videos and a live stream...

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Re: Iberia Discussion

#2126 Post by Esproquet » 22 Nov 2020 09:31

It doesn't seem like Iberia is coming in 2020, it remains barely 5 weeks & a half to 2021. If release date was early December then we should had had much more info by now, like a gameplay video, the city list, the achievements... It looks like we are going to be hyped for a little longer.

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Re: Iberia Discussion

#2127 Post by Wacky Geek » 22 Nov 2020 10:11

I hate to admit but it start to look like that those who say that it comes 2021, are right.
But I would happily to be wrong!
I love SCS Software 💖

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Re: Iberia Discussion

#2128 Post by BRCKHMPTN » 22 Nov 2020 10:22

If waiting is necessary to have an overall better product, then I'm all up for it.

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Re: Iberia Discussion

#2129 Post by Esproquet » 22 Nov 2020 10:27

We need to understand that working on a deadline can be really stressful. Videogame industry is prone to heavy workloads and extensive working hours, we need a bit of solidarity and be aware that crunching comes at a price for the workers involved, social and sometimes healthy. These pandemic times should make us a bit less impatient and a bit more understanding.

And I'm sure some smartpants with little insight on SCS is gonna reply that they have bills to pay and something about the end of year report, money, loans and else... Isn't SCS their own bosses or do they have to render productivity charts to EA and the likes?
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Re: Iberia Discussion

#2130 Post by Quark » 22 Nov 2020 10:28

In my eyes, if there is still nothing at the beginning of the upcoming week (gameplay video or announcement of a stream for example) then it is indeed more
than doubtful that Iberia will still be released this year.

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