[REL] Europe Reskin 1.0 [1.37]

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Re: [REL] Europe Reskin 1.0 [1.37]

#131 Post by pigbrother » 30 Jun 2020 17:20

Yea, there are changes in vegetation.sii. Everything else it seems to be working after I have updated the file.

Oh, and thanks for the mod, small and neat, the way I like them.

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Re: [REL] Europe Reskin 1.0 [1.37]

#132 Post by Mirfi » 01 Jul 2020 15:42

Thanks for the heads-up! As a matter of facts about the "small and neat"...

When I've released the first version of Romania Map, I've included inside the mod package just the needed sectors and a few .def files and textures, unlike other maps that had all of the sectors inside the .scs archive. The package measured about 60 MB. After archiving it with WinRAR at "full compression rate", I've managed to get it to 12 MB. I was really happy with the results, since I thought that players would appreciate the small download size. But the unexpected happened. "This is a virus!!!", "The map must be s##t if it is this small". At that time, there were lots of low quality map mods that measured over 1 GB just because of negligence when packing the mod and that thing backfired at me.

Ah, memories :lol: Never used full compression rate again.
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Re: [REL] Europe Reskin 1.0 [1.37]

#133 Post by JD6 » 01 Jul 2020 15:53

Don't let people tell you how to do things when you know you did some pro work.
Bring back full compression. :D

People will always complain... as an example I'd use Jesus walking on water. There will be a group that will say: "Oh, because the dumbass can't swim!"

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Re: [REL] Europe Reskin 1.0 [1.37]

#134 Post by Darkcaptain » 02 Jul 2020 02:30

@Mirfi You have done a great job, for me it is a mod to consider and it is appreciated, and it probably works well on computers with medium-low requirements.

Some will always criticize, even demand as if they were your boss! xD
Some also think that a large mod will have better quality, when in the computer aspect not everything works like that, not everything is so simple!

Obtaining feedback is very important, but it is your job, you must choose what you consider to be the best, mods are not compulsory and luckily, we have alternatives, whoever does not like it may not use it, find another mod or try to create one! ;)

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Re: [REL] Europe Reskin 1.0 [1.37]

#135 Post by Putter » 02 Jul 2020 11:47

For what it’s worth... personally I think You have made a splendid mod and its really top quality, would not want to play without it, I use your mod with default weather and g_bloom set to 0,6 and the game looks awesome in my eyes! Keep up the good work it’s most appreciated!!

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