Tower Crane Base [FYI] [117215]

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Tower Crane Base [FYI] [117215]

#1 Post by flight50 » 23 May 2020 15:42

64 bit

First off this is not necessarily a bug but I am reporting anyways. The in game tower cranes use a counterweight base. I am not sure where the source comes from but all I can find is this website which does not appear to be a company website. Majority of all US tower cranes are constructed using concrete bases only. In fact, 95% of youtube and online links I found all use some form of concrete enclosed base. Minor detail but I am pointing it out considering you guys are doing a graphics overhaul. Not many use counter weight bases but everyone around the world will use a concrete base.


compared to the in game tower base
crane support ;[23/05/2020 10:02] (sec-0017-0003);-66850.9;64.4345;-11582.5;0.946466;-0.141488

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Re: Tower Crane Base [FYI]

#2 Post by TruckerDog » 25 May 2020 11:15

Hey flight50,

I mean, it is a valid report. In my honest opinion there seems to be possible to see both variants, but even so, I still sent out your suggestion / report to our assets team. QA id: 117215

Thanks! :)
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