Game crashes when started

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Game crashes when started

#1 Post by Maves » 23 May 2020 17:40

Hey y'all! I have a problem with ETS2, since a few days the game doesn't run anymore. It happened all of a sudden: one day the game was running normally and the following day it wouldn't even start. When I start the game, the Steam Box appears normally, but after this, insted of opening the window of the game, it appears on the desktop just the small top bar of it, and after a little everything shuts off.

I verified the integrity of the files of the game through Steam but it didn't change anything.
I use Windows 10. I leave you here the two logs of my last attempt to start the game.

Game log:
Game crash:

That's the first error message I see in the log: <ERROR> [gfx] failed to initialize device! (dx11)

Any help will be appreciated, thanks!!

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Re: Game crashes when started

#2 Post by Reinhard » 24 May 2020 06:01

Your graphics card isn't detected anymore. First thing I would do is to update the graphics driver.

The game can't even tell what graphics card you use, or what driver version is in place.

If a new driver doesn't help, or isn't available because the card is too old, I would try to start the game with OpenGL instead of DX11.

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