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Suggestion by KP

#1 Post by KodzoPotter » 01 Jul 2020 09:00

Hello dear developers, I would like to congratulate and encourage the team for their enormous work that they did for us in Euro Truck Simulator 2. ETS2 has been the Top Number 1 game in the same category for years but since I don't understand why the improvements in the game do not touch all sides; let me explain.
With each new updates we some feature are added and some removed but i think this is not the point.

If the team Launch a public survey and ask what new they expect for most players will tell about more realism and reality.
(1) To no longer see ghost towns without inhabitants where there is no sign of human life. The cities will have to attract more reality where we only see cars and trucks, we must see living people circulating on the streets, cyclists, motorcyclists, people who take the bus, characters walking around, uniformed police officers on patrol, children going to school, animals in the countryside, hitchhikers etc ...

(2) On the roads there should be more or less dancing traffic depending on the size of the city. Roads under construction, Construction sites under construction, damaged or unpaved roads. Speaking of dirt tracks, we should see dust on dry ground, the tracks of the wheels of the truck according to its weight and the load to transport,Braking marks on the roads. Trucks getting stuck. Realistic traces of mud on tires, windshield, doors ... etc
We could have other types of damage like punctured tires, broken headlights, broken windshields, broken windows on the door, a realistic damage effect like in other games. Faulty brakes, broken indicators. Complete destruction of the vehicle, see explosion of transport of dangerous flammable product (Game :D Over). Accident scenes on the road, police control by stopping the vehicle. Passers-by waving their hand, realistic headlights signs of vehicule to other and horns, the noise of big cities and the outside must look more realistic. The campaigns must reflect life and reality etc ...

(3) A character who can leave his cab on the street and walked like a real person chatting with his client or supplier. go Eat, rest, do his needs etc ...
These little details would have done more effect but instead they focus on the vehicles and leave the basics behind.
I have a lot to tell you but I prefer to stop there for now. Waiting for a sequel and I say thank again and courage to the team.
Peace ;)

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