Mercedes Benz New Actros 2019 [Update 1.44/ 01.06.2022]

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Mercedes Benz New Actros 2019 [Update 1.44/ 01.06.2022]

#1 Post by Wolli2017 » 06 Jul 2020 21:11

Hello everyone,

today we wanna share with you our Project off a Mercedes Benz New Actros 2019.

The Story behind the mod:
This mod should remain private. After we decided to mod the New Actros 2019 and we already had a finished version ingame, a member of the crew decided to sell the Actros without our knowledge.
After we found out about this, the member was of course no longer in the team.
To prevent him from earning even more money we released the mod for everyone.

Information about the mod 01.06.2022:

Since @Dotec has decided to make after his MP4 also the New Actros (MP5) and with the background that our mod should never appear, we will stop this mod here after the release of Dotec.
I know from him that will take some time and in the time we will only make updates for the game version. We will not add new parts etc.

As we all know Dotec does a great job with his mods and then the MP5 will be playable for everyone.

Greetings your AC5 Crew


- 3 cabins: StreamSpace 2,50, BigSpace , GigaSpace
- 15 chassis variants: 11 chassis tractor, 4 chassis BDF
- 7 engine variants OM 471 / OM 471 - Mercedes drivetrain mod ready
- 6 gearbox variants - Mercedes drivetrain mod ready
- 6 Interior variants LHD + RHD: Basic, Style Line, Trend Line, Edition 1
- 40 original Mercedes colors + Safety Truck skin, Edition 1 skin, CharterWay skin + SCS Paintjobs ready
- SCS Mercedes Actros DLC Ready

[ external image ]
[ external image ]
[ external image ]
[ external image ]
[ external image ]



Code: Select all

Version 1.0
- 2 Cabins + Edition1
- 14 chassis variants
- 7 engines
- 8 transmission
- 4 interior variants
- many tuning options
- Truck in AI
- Quick Jobs

Version 1.1
- fix sound problems with SCS standard sound
- add other Mainmods with other sounds
- fix some MAT errors
- add some new shop pics
- add XML file for Mod Studio 2

Version 1.2
- fix MAT errors on s_stripe
- fix painted Mirrors and Mirror Cams

Version 1.3
- full release
- open Mod for the community
- extra addon for AI traffic
- add all shop pics
- fix animation Bigspace cab
- fix collision for low deck
- add working fog lights
- fix some bugs

Version 1.4
- compatible with full version 1.38 and 1.37
- add lowdeck parts ( thanks [mention]Sogard3[/mention] )
- add new tanks for 4x2 + 4x2 lowdeck
- fix some bugs
- add new prices and dealer config
- fix freeze mirrors 

Version 1.5
- compatible with version 1.38 and 1.39
- to replace the high poly parts, all possible parts of the SCS MP4 were used
- all trucks can now be purchased individually from the truck dealer with their respective parts
- add OBU TollCollect and rework cb radio
- add rigid and bdf parts(WIP)
- fix some bugs
- template included in the mod
- and many more...

Version 1.6
- adapt to game version 1.40 with new light system
- add new cabin DLC
- add full plastic mirror cams
- add UK parts and interior WIP
- reworked all headlights
- reworked all mirror cams
- Rigid and BDF parts are still WIP
- fix steering wheel to 900 degrees
- fix some bugs
- and many more...

Version 1.6.1
- fix bugs on mirror cams
- fix interior reflection on windscreen
- fix blinkers on 6x2_4
- fix Interior luminaire (wrong MAT)
- add rear chassic cover for 6x2_4 taglift/midlift/short
- add defs for red lights at the spoilers (Powerkasi light addon/ Obelihnio Boreman markers/ SCS lights)
- delete Actros Tuning tables because there don´t fit with the interior
- fix some small bugs

Version 1.6.5
- fix brightness windows
- fix brightness gps screen at night
- add paintable front and side mirrors

Version 1.7
- adapt to game version 1.42/1.43 BETA
- fix alot off bugs
- remove rigid and bdf chassic (maybe rigid chassic come back in a future update)
- add support for Swap Body Carrier Chassis Pack by [mention]Sebastian7870[/mention] 
- add again dynamic rear blinker
- add new low poly exhaust
- add traffic sign recognition in dashboard (thanks to [mention]NemesysTrans[/mention]  for the hint)
- rework DRL and blinker front
- reduce again some high poly parts from the exterior

Version 1.7.1
- fix alot off bugs

Version 1.8
- adapted to game version 1.44

Download Links:

Base Mod Version 1.8

DEF for 1.44

SCS DLC´s (rar file, please unpack)

Addon for Actros Cabin ACC

XML for Modstudio 2


- DLC´s
- Addon´s
- Supported mods

Def's for Addons (You need original Mod)

Obelihnio Kelsa Pack for Actros 2019

Supported Mods

Mercedes-Benz Drivetrain Revision by galimim ----> When switching between cabs select default engines!

License Plate Pack part 2 by vad&k

SiSL Mega Pack

Signs on your Truck

MP5 OM470 sound mod by Max2712 V2

Swap Body Carrier Chassis Pack by Sebastion7870

Autors: HRS Mods(Harald-RS,Wolli2017) Truckjunkie3d, ActrosMP3, DP Design

Credits: SCS Software, HRS Mods(Harald-RS,Wolli2017) Truckjunkie3d, ActrosMP3, DP Design, Gordon Gekko, Hkv, Alexandru_Andrey, Kriechbaum, EVR, Tobargo, obelihnio, SiSl, Vad&k, Sogard3, Dotec, Dennis_Grelak

If you like our work, you can donate a small amount, it helps us out a lot, and it gives us some motivation to continue our work. Thanks in advance. :D
DONATION----> ... source=url

Please use or share the original download link, and don't reupload modified versions. Thank you.
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Re: [REL] [WIP] Mercedes Benz New Actros 2019 by Actros 5 Crew

#2 Post by Jambosanchez » 06 Jul 2020 21:27

Excellent work! Thanks
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Re: [REL] [WIP] Mercedes Benz New Actros 2019 by Actros 5 Crew

#3 Post by drummer1705 » 06 Jul 2020 21:29

Thanks a lot for releasing this truck. Can't wait to test it tomorrow :)
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Re: [REL] [WIP] Mercedes Benz New Actros 2019 by Actros 5 Crew

#4 Post by SlashBeefgnaws » 06 Jul 2020 21:58

I gave it a very brief spin and I like it a lot!

Thank you for sharing your work, guys :)
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Re: [REL] [WIP] Mercedes Benz New Actros 2019 by Actros 5 Crew

#5 Post by QuentinDM » 06 Jul 2020 22:00

Files are downloading, thanks for your work guys ! :mrgreen:
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Re: [REL] [WIP] Mercedes Benz New Actros 2019 by Actros 5 Crew

#6 Post by MiszkoPro » 06 Jul 2020 22:05

Unfortunetly not worth your attention due to a lot of bugs and game crashes.
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Re: [REL] [WIP] Mercedes Benz New Actros 2019 by Actros 5 Crew

#7 Post by Vabis22 » 06 Jul 2020 22:54

Has it low deck chasis? @Sogard3 @Wolli2017
Could you add this cab in future please?
[ external image ]
[ external image ]
You can find like that by @galimim
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Re: [REL] [WIP] Mercedes Benz New Actros 2019 by Actros 5 Crew

#8 Post by mmtt » 07 Jul 2020 01:10

Game crashes while configuring truck in Mercedes gallery v.
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Re: [REL] [WIP] Mercedes Benz New Actros 2019 by Actros 5 Crew

#9 Post by DzulfikarAT » 07 Jul 2020 02:11

Nice work guys, thanks for sharing :D
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Re: [REL] [WIP] Mercedes Benz New Actros 2019 by Actros 5 Crew

#10 Post by sometruckguy123 » 07 Jul 2020 02:28

Did i do something wrong? The Actros MP5 is not loading on either the mod dealer or the quick jobs section.

And plus, this was on a new profile
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