ATS Truckers Need to Stretch Their Legs

Would walking and environment interaction make ATS better?

Yes, I would like to walk around my truck
No, I prefer the view from the cab
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Optional Features
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ATS Truckers Need to Stretch Their Legs

#1 Post by Optional Features » 25 Sep 2020 06:11

I have read previous concerns about the addition of walking to ATS turning the game into a walking sim, but if this is a trucking sim and not just a truck driving, sim, we need to be able to walk a bit around the truck and to and from. Here's how it could work theoretically.

Trigger system:
We have triggers for the load board, the truck stop, truck dealers etc. The walking system could work similarly with triggers for interiors of a standard restaurant, hotel, warehouse, repair shop, and gas stations. Get out of the cab, walk up to the trigger, hit enter or E or some other hotkey, and "enter" the facility.

Camera movement:
We don't really need a physical character to walk in game. There are no hands on the steering wheel, and no visible body parts in the shop walking cam. Based on our existing system, all we'd need to "walk" is a camera (essentially the free roam devcam) set to a fixed height with maybe a little bounce for run. Stop the truck, press a key to exit the vehicle (say number 9), then either the door opens or the user is teleported out of the truck to the ground level. There's already plenty of detail in the map, and the important areas of the ground (including sidewalks) already have collision. Nothing at the ground level needs to be changed to allow walking.

But walking makes the game take on a new feel. Instead of the new camera feature for scenic areas, allow drivers to hop out and walk around a bit. Maybe even use binoculars view a specific spot more closely, or pick up a souvenir at a gift shop to put in your truck (like the chainsaw toy that hangs from the roof).

Interior features:
Again, with simplicity in mind, my thought process would be basic interiors for each.
  • A basic restaurant with a few tables that could be "entered" with a hotkey. And then the menu would be another key with a list of stock foods that would arrive either via an animated waitress or just appear on the table in front of the driver after a cutscene or fade to black.
  • A basic warehouse with an office and a few shelves. For the stock van trailer, an animation of a forklift going back and forth from shelf to trailer would add a lot to the immersion factor. Currently, we back up, the trailer takes on an invisible source of weight, and off we go.
  • A basic gas station with a front counter and some snacks. Stopping for a bite to eat and to pay in person for gas goes along with the realistic concept of stretching your legs during a long run.
Mouse controls:
Being able to click on things to play animations could enable a wide range of realism opportunities in the cab, but also out of it. Click on the trailer doors, and they open or close. Click on the landing gear, and they raise or lower. Click on the fifth wheel to unlock it. Click on the air hoses to connect or disconnect. Click on straps to secure a load, etc, etc.

ATS is a great game as it is, but it needs a lot more interaction with the environment to qualify as a trucking simulator. With the ability to walk, we could have the ability to eat, spend a night in a hotel, buy gas, check out progress on our truck in the shop etc. There could be new costs for the player as a result of these activities, and new things to focus on. For example, you don't eat: you get drowsy.

But most importantly, SCS doesn't have to implement most of this. All they have to do is give modders a base. The community has proven time and again that it is capable of stretching the limits of this and other games to a new height of realism. But without base scripts supporting it, getting started is the biggest challenge.
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Re: ATS Truckers Need to Stretch Their Legs

#2 Post by plykkegaard » 25 Sep 2020 08:21

Add a poll
The devs love polls 😁

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Re: ATS Truckers Need to Stretch Their Legs

#4 Post by IronEh » 25 Sep 2020 09:37

I'd have to really dig to find the post, as it was one of the first posts regarding ATS on the SCS Blog. But getting out of your truck, walking around, and having a more interactive world was a goal in the beginning of development if I'm recalling correctly. If I'm not mistaken the screenshot in the post had a red truck (a T680 I think) with its hood open. With the recently added ability to walk around inside the shop while customizing your truck and trailer, I think its safe to say this aspect of the sim is still on SCS' mind and will be added eventually.
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Re: ATS Truckers Need to Stretch Their Legs

#5 Post by poozykrem » 25 Sep 2020 09:50

No doubt, it would be a good feature,
I picked yes
Although, I'm not sure it's necessary for the game we have now
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Re: ATS Truckers Need to Stretch Their Legs

#6 Post by IvanKuz » 25 Sep 2020 09:55

I've said this somewhere else in the past, I think the ability to walk outside your truck in certain locations will most likely come at some point - otherwise what was the point of adding it in the truck customization mode when simply implementing a free roam camera would have been easier? To me it seems like it was added specifically to try out walking in a simple enclosed non-interactive environment before it can be implemented elsewhere.
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Re: ATS Truckers Need to Stretch Their Legs

#7 Post by LudoModding » 25 Sep 2020 10:07

if this function is to be included, in my opinion it would be most useful in factories or depots it would be nice to be able to open our trailer doors before docking.

So I put Yes .
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Re: ATS Truckers Need to Stretch Their Legs

#8 Post by WerewolfCustoms » 25 Sep 2020 10:30

seriousmods wrote: 25 Sep 2020 06:11 ..., but if this is a trucking sim and not just a truck driving sim ...
And here's where it all collapsed. :lol:

For me, it's a truck driving sim. If I want to walk around, I play Walking Simulator. (Free to play on Steam)
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Re: ATS Truckers Need to Stretch Their Legs

#9 Post by flight50 » 26 Sep 2020 16:15

It has been mentioned and requested numerous times. I know many people want this. It would be optional. But for me, its a no. I have zero interest in getting out the truck. I barely have time to play now. When I do get to play, I don't want to spend time not driving. I am sure the more casual gamers would want this an if it gets more people into the game, sure add it. Doesn't mean it has to get used by those that don't want it though. Its no different than any other feature that people don't want.

To me, it would be cool at first but it would wear off in due time. Pavel mentioned doing it to a limit. Like have boundaries or what not. Someone would find a way to go beyond those boundaries and explore areas not meant to be explored. Ridiculing SCS for no reason. The game wasn't created with getting out the truck in mind so there will be flaws for sure.
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Re: ATS Truckers Need to Stretch Their Legs

#10 Post by Sythendrius » 09 Nov 2021 16:24

Please bring this post alive again! We need this feature... Even if it is a simple fixed height camera with a little of head movement. Most simulators nowadays gives you an extensive walking mechanic.
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