Cargo Chart excel

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Cargo Chart excel

#1 Post by Thagen » 15 Oct 2020 16:19

So I've been casually working over 1,5 years on an excel sheet which includes all (if not most) of the different cargos you can transport and which type of trailer that can be used for what specific cargo, both ownable and not.
NOTE: It's still a work in progress

It includes a sorting function so you can sort by the cargo's: Name, Weight (both minimum and maximum), hazard class, if it's Heavy, Valuable or Fragile, owned trailers (both enclosed and open) and not ownable trailers
at the bottom is a search function where you can search the cargo name and see information about the cargo
atscargologstacker.PNG (11.17 KiB) Viewed 177 times
atscargograin.PNG (10.96 KiB) Viewed 177 times
The reason Grain has a o with yellow background under Heavy is that the heavy tag can disappear depending on the weight the trailer can hold

As you can see it's very unfinished but if there is interest for this then i'll put more time into finishing it

I guess someone has already made a much better and more complete version of this but I've not been able to find it.
So then I'm asking:
If this exist, where can I find it?
if it doesn't exist. would people be be interested to see it? (And how/where do I share it?)

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Re: Cargo Chart excel

#2 Post by Some newbie driver » 15 Oct 2020 19:50

I've done something similar for myself, tracking every cargo I haul on every kind of trailer; included differences of doubles, b-doubles or HCT when available.

Sometimes it's a bit frustrating. Names of several cargoes had changed on the Spanish translation with time (not always for good). Also the weights of some cargoes had changed with time and can change depending on the countries we will drive by on an specific job (for example, the reworked food tanker). But as those kinds happens from time to time (plus the time it would take me to repeat that same cargo job), I only can delete the old data and enter the new as if the old was a mistake of mine (that could also happen) and the new is the right one. And if any cargo has been removed from being hauled by any trailer after I already logged on that sheet; then I probably never could find that out

How to know if I don't see a cargo/trailer combination just due bad luck and not because it doesn't exist anymore? I couldn't unless I crawl into the data files of SCS. I'm 100% sure that somebody out there in the wilderness of Internet has done some kind of data extraction from the game files to made a complete an 100% accurate datasheet of that kind. There's people very skilled and motivated out there. But to find them is a different problem.


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