Conflicts Accessory on Exterior Model

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Conflicts Accessory on Exterior Model

#1 Post by kartal2339 » 24 Dec 2020 20:32

hi... i edited mack_chu613 with a mack anthem interior everything works fine but i cant see a defaults accessories of cabin says conflict ... what can i do for this error ?

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Re: Conflicts Accessory on Exterior Model

#2 Post by AlexeyP » 10 Jan 2021 12:34

kartal2339 wrote:
24 Dec 2020 20:32
what can i do for this error ?
One of your parts conflicts with chassis you have. You need to open that accessory/part_1/shape02.sii file and add there string with suitable_for[]: " "
Inside quotes (" ") you must add internal names of your chassis. I don't know internal names of your chassis, but it supposed to look like this (or similar to this) inside shape02.sii
Because you have 5 chassis with conflicts, you will need to add five strings with suitable_for strings.

suitable_for[]: "long2_6x2.mack.chu613.chassis"
suitable_for[]: "long2_6x2_m.mack.chu613.chassis"
suitable_for[]: "long3.mack.chu613.chassis"
suitable_for[]: "long_6x2.mack.chu613.chassis"
suitable_for[]: "long_6x2_m.mack.chu613.chassis"

Look for internal chassis names inside chassis files at the very top
Example of internal name of Scania S 4x2 chassis.I marked it with yellow

accessory_chassis_data : 4x2.scania.s_2016.chassis
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