[REL] Mack R Series....Superliner

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[REL] Mack R Series....Superliner

#1 Post by Dieling » 16 Oct 2021 18:10

Hello Everyone,

It's been over 2.5 months of daily modding work, I am now finally finished the Superliner v1.0.

1.1 changes:
updated for game version 1.44

1.0 features:
Superliner I and II generations in one package
highly detailed 80s era tri axle configuration
new full gauges all animated dashboard interior
customizations for work truck/show truck looks, including retro to modern parts
even more options for red nodes hook-ups, search "vd" for rear lights, mud flaps, plates and more.
Many hand-made paint jobs, including Mack limited edition skins.

Templates and other DIYs:
template is in /template folder
2 types of custom mudflaps, a)"Paint" included in truck template, b) "DIY" find them in /mud_flaps folder
custom your plates in /plates folder

3D Model, texture: DielingWu, Harven
Sound: Kriechbaum
Engine/Transmission: Fury6, Harven, Kriechbaum
Skin: DielingWu, Goggles56

Special thanks to Harven, for giving the whole R mod as a base to this project.

Please check it out here: https://dielingwu.gumroad.com/
you can make donations here: paypal.me/dielingwu

[ external image ]
[ external image ]
[ external image ]

------------------------------------------------old post------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hello everyone,
So I have got Harven's blessing to make a new truck out of his awesome R mod,
although Superliner was called RW, still in the R series scope, Harven had suggested to make it standalone.
So here we go our first step, a standalone thread.

I'll post some WIP pics here, progression will be somewhat slow, as I model every new parts from scratch.
also, I can't do drivetrain defs and sounds, hope I can find some help along the way.

Haven't try my R addon? please check it out here: https://dielingwu.gumroad.com/
Removed - Rule 3.1

First peek of an in-game picture, hood, grill, lights, tanks, badges are done.
[ external image ]

for the interior, still working in blender, but the dashboard has been evolved from 70s to late 80s.
[ external image ]
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Re: [WIP] Mack R Series....Superliner

#2 Post by Twisted1013 » 16 Oct 2021 18:28

I am so looking forward to this and if you add some of the Aussie parts to it man people will go nuts I know I will! If you need reference pics for sleepers etc let me know I can post some.
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Re: [WIP] Mack R Series....Superliner

#3 Post by stunter90 » 16 Oct 2021 18:41

Thats look sick so far ;)
Optional Features
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Re: [WIP] Mack R Series....Superliner

#4 Post by Optional Features » 16 Oct 2021 18:49

Looks incredible! I would suggest a little ride more ride height in the front, maybe.

Will it have sleeper options?
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Re: [WIP] Mack R Series....Superliner

#5 Post by u2020bullet » 16 Oct 2021 18:50

Will be following, have had Harven's Mack installed for forever, but can't seem to stop using his FLB, this'll give me a nice excuse. :)
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Re: [WIP] Mack R Series....Superliner

#6 Post by W4X » 16 Oct 2021 19:04

Very nice!
[ external image ]
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Re: [WIP] Mack R Series....Superliner

#7 Post by jcpinho » 16 Oct 2021 20:27

Looks great!
[ external image ][ external image ]

Google translator, sorry.
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Ludo Diabolo
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Re: [WIP] Mack R Series....Superliner

#8 Post by Ludo Diabolo » 16 Oct 2021 20:28

A Wip to follow with great interest, I loved your module on the Mack R de Harven.

and please do not make an Australian truck, keep it made in the USA ...

You can already get an Australian truck on the net for a fee, and it is precisely the fact that it is modded in an Australian version that made this truck not seduce me ...
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Re: [WIP] Mack R Series....Superliner

#9 Post by kimbok1985 » 16 Oct 2021 20:54

wow... great work!
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Re: [WIP] Mack R Series....Superliner

#10 Post by ZMach07 » 16 Oct 2021 22:20

Super excited for this mod :D

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