Bus Driver and Wheel/Pedal units

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Bus Driver and Wheel/Pedal units

#1 Post by kyuman » 02 Jan 2023 19:12

Is Bus Driver compatible with wheels and pedals?

I tried using a PXN wheel and pedal unit, and although the driver self installs and the laptop recognizes it, the game ignores it. I tried enabling the "keyboard + controller" option, but still the wheel and pedals are not working.

Then I tried a Thrustmaster-80, and the option for the controller on the configuration menu shows "Keyboard + Thrustmaster80". However, when I try to enable the steering wheel and pedal/brakes, nothing happens when I follow the instructions to operate the controls, the input stays blank. I also don't know how to save the configuration.

To clarify, I bring up the "controller" dialog, and try to set up the "acceleration", "brake", and "steering" axes, but when I turn the wheel or press the pedals as directed to setup the axes, the input stays blank, and I don't know how to save the settings. Maybe the inputs are not being recognized.

Has anyone successfully used a wheel and pedal controller for "Bus Driver"?
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